Another blogger…

Well hello, thank you for stopping by; much appreciated!

As some of you may or may not know, in January I started my YouTube channel (you can click the icon link above which will take you directly to it…did you like that plug😉).  Before starting the channel, I remember asking my cousin (who has a 2 year old blog), whether or not I should start a blog to accompany the channel (it just seemed like the thing all Bloggers/Youtubers were doing) and without hesitation, he said “yes…just do it!”.  Being frank, I thought it would be too much time and effort (but what isn’t these days?!).  However, after taking two weeks off recently, in the search of property (yes, I will fill you in, in due course, on all things property related) and due to being so busy, I had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to write, rather than film.  So…I procrastinated for a couple of days…et voila…ChattyLondonBird, The Blog, is born!

I won’t claim to provide you with anything you’ve not seen or read before, here on this blog (or my channel, for that matter), it will just be of me, my style, my take and view of life and at most…I really hope you can relate and use the content to help yourself in whatever regard it’s needed…at minimum, I hope you get some encouragement.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time, either in the comments section or via email…I always respond…and as BT used to say “It’s good to talk!”…not sure they meant virtually, but hey, we’re millennials!

Your ChattyLondonBird💋

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