#girlboss Prep

I, like many others, love the infamous hashtag: #girlboss.  For me, it embodies everything from fierce, strong, determined, to caring, loving and an inspiring woman.  However, have you ever noticed that we always see the ‘finished article’/final version all packaged up and looking amazing, never the ingredients… and we wonder why people don’t want to work hard for things these days, when all they ever see is the finished articles via a showreel.

The above got me thinking about the different elements it takes to make a #girlboss and knowing how fundamental planning and preparation can be to achieving most goals in life, below are a few things I do, to keep myself on track of ‘#girlboss-dom’:

Meditate.  There is a quote I am extremely fond of by Melody Beattie:

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow

The definition of meditation is a written or spoken discourse expressing considered thoughts on a subject and one of the many definitions for prayer is, a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God.

I used to wake-up daily, jump out of bed, into the shower, cracking on with my day, without a seconds thought for anything; including myself!  It was just all go, go, go!  Rise and grind!

However, after going through a rollercoaster of a 2015/16, having to reset my mindset and reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, I thought I would take the book’s advice and try starting the day with Gratitude.

Ladies, I promise you…you will thank me later, if you start doing this now (if you’re not already doing so)!  Start the morning with a quick 3 minutes (you can, of course, spend more or less time. I find 3 minutes keeps me focused and I set my timer beforehand, as well as moving away from my bed to somewhere in my home that is bright) being grateful for all you have and are.  What do I mean? I mean being grateful for another day, grateful for family members, grateful to have a roof over your head and grateful for the  food you eat (all of which so many in the world lack, where we take it for granted).  Grateful for the work promotions you’ve had, as well as the salary increases, the holidays you’ve been afforded etc etc.

Like Beattie’s quote, I have found that starting each day with gratitude, has really helped me put my past into perspective (I’m less resentful, more accepting/understanding).  I definitely feel different throughout the day, especially work days; I have more patience and a much higher tolerance level towards others (Lord knows this is needed in ‘Corporate World’).  With gratitude first thing in the morning, i’m a lot more hopeful of things to come and how I can shape my future with positive thinking (and a lot of hard work, of course).

Mindfulness.  Growing up, my mother never stopped harping on about the importance of listening to the news so I would have an understanding as to what was going on in the world.  I hated watching the news!  Could not think of anything more boring.  Fast forward to my mid to late twenties and I would always watch the news first-thing in the morning, whilst getting ready for work, to keep ahead with what was going on in the world and how it would affect my work/businesses/industry (good to be clued up on world events for those coffee machine chit-chat breaks).

I realised that watching the news was one of the worst ways in which I could start my day.  Lets be frank…as informative as the news can be, it’s always bad news!!! Murder, accidental yet horrific deaths, abductions, terrorism, austerity measures, economic decline, poverty, Brexit, Trump and I could go and on, but you get my point!  It was like waking up and putting on a real-life horror show, each day.  How could I expect my mind to be in #girlboss mode with that sort of information.  So, I changed it up! Now when I wake up of a morning, whilst getting ready for the day, I listen to Podcasts.  I tend to listen to variety of different Podcasts on different topics, but some of my favourites include:

Myleik Teele:  http://myleik.podomatic.com | Real talk, woman-to-woman, relatable advice for both life and career, especially good for those interested in PR/Marketing

BBC World Service The Documentary:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02nq0lx/episodes/downloads | Informative documentaries from all over the world, covering a whole host of topics

Stuff You Should Know: http://www.stuffyoushouldknow.com/podcasts | In depth knowledge and unique facts explored on a variety of subjects (good for pub quiz knowledge)

BBC Radio Woman’s Hour: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b007qlvb/episodes/downloads | All manner of subjects covered, both historical and modern, relating to lifestyle, arts, music, parenting etc, with women at the centre of every topic

Exercise.  I used to detest exercise.  Laziest person I knew.  Thought I could think myself skinny (yes, that is a real thing!).  Then I joined the gym back in 2014, started going, got bored,  cancelled membership, joined again in 2015…same thing, cancelled again.  But when I re-joined in November 2016, it was different, I was different!

This time, I knew what I wanted out of it and it wasn’t to be skinny (I should point out, that although I use the terminology “skinny”, that is not really what I want…I am not, nor will I ever be skinny and I wouldn’t want to be either)!  No, this time, I wanted to exercise my mind.  Its true what they say, exercise really does make you feel good.   I’m guessing it’s something to do with feeling a sense of achievement, setting mini goals and seeing the rewards to your efforts after a period of time, as well as releasing those good ole’ endorphins.

Remember: exercise does not have to be strenuous, nor do you have to do an hour or two per day.  As little as a 20 minute walk or run, every other day will yield good results for both your mind and body.  Stretches, yoga or pilates in the morning are all great ways to kick-start your day, getting your body active, leaving you feeling great and ready to take on whatever lies ahead.

Overall, Exercise has kept me focused and I would definitely encourage it from a health and well-being point-of-view, as well as a way to workout the mind, keeping you on track with not only your health and body goals…but your #girlboss goals too!

Eat well.  I can honestly say, at the tender age of 32…your body is your temple; cherish it!  Pretty much (although, I know not always), how you treat your body, is how it will treat you.  You cannot expect to fill it with junk and have it reward you.  What you put in it, is exactly what you will get out.

Now for the record, eating well does not mean only eating, fruit and veg, nor does eating well mean that you cannot have fries, burgers and wine.  However, moderation is key and you need to balance this out.  Personally, I tend to stick by the 80/20 rule…80% of the time, I should be eating a well balanced diet of organic (as much as possible) veg, protein, not too many carbs.  The other 20% I have whatever I fancy.  Naturally, because I am human and not infallible, sometimes my rule can turn out to be more 60/40 or 70/30, but I tend to strive for being more 80/20 because that I where I see better result for my mind and body.

Why is eating well good #girlboss prep?  Happy to take on the challenge, but if you’re constantly filling your ‘temple’ with junk, how can that motivate you to achieve great things?! Personally, this just makes me lethargic, thus even more lazy than I described earlier.  When I eat well, I feel well, I feel good, which means I can focus (for a lot longer) on achieving my goals.

When I am consistent with the above, my #girlboss-ness kicks ass! I would love to hear what your #girlboss prep/routine is?

Your ChattyLondonBird💋

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