Lust List #1: Black Florals

Lately, I’ve absolutely been loving, what I’m aptly naming ‘black florals’.  I’m no fashionista peeps, but I’m pretty sure ordinarily, they’re called ‘winter florals’ (floral prints on dark base colours, which are deemed acceptable to wear in winter and not look too summery…but transfer to the summer very well).

What I love about this style, is its flexibility, femininity and the fact that its so transferable.  I love wearing black.  Even though I’m dark and bright colours suit me the best, I love wearing black…so classic and you can literally make it into whatever you want i.e. dressy, casual, chic, vintage etc.

Streetstyle: Black florals (click pic for source)

Paying homage to the style, my latest lust list and purchases consist of:

Shoe slider (available in black), long sleeve dress, dress

Maxi dress, body, shirt

Trousers, trainers, skirt

Jeans, blazer, top

What non-summer-but-still-good-for-summer trends are you liking at the minute?

Your ChattyLondonBird💋

Content created: Sunday 9 July Weather: 27c humid What was I listening to that day: Wild Thoughts by Dj Khaled ft Rihanna

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